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Measurement and Inspection of Skull Pins

The LVR Inspection System has been used to measure and inspect skull pins. They are “pointed”, like bone screws, but not threaded. Click images for larger views.

As with bone screws, the robot puts the pin between the camera and a light source and rotates it for multiple views.

Calculate Holding Power During Inspection

The integrated measurement capabilities of the LVR Automated Inspection System, with its ability to store a measurement process and export the results to Excel, make it possible to calculate holding power for each bone screw in an inspection run.  A trend analysis can be performed over one or more runs to monitor the ongoing accuracy of manufacturing process.

Click to download a copy of the LVR-Trend-Analysis spreadsheet.  It uses some randomness functions to simulate variability during the manufacturing process.


Integrated Measurement

The LVR Inspection System is becoming an easy to use micrometer.  We’ve recently added software functions that allow the operator to accurately dimension an entire part or any part of that part.  In addition the manual measurement process, shown in the video below, can be saved as  “macro” and repeated during the automated inspection process.  Adding measurement to inspection scenario does not significantly increase inspection time.  Finally, the measurement results can be saved to Excel spreadsheets for subsequent review and analysis.