Lakeview Vision & Robotics provides manufacturers a reliable way to virtually eliminate problems and recalls regarding knee and hip implants

CHICAGO, Illinois – February 28, 2014 – Lakeview Vision & Robotics (LVR) has developed a pioneering, low-cost technology for the orthopedic implant industry to improve the reliability of implant parts during the manufacturing process where precision and accuracy are expected and crucial.

In a recent article published by Consumer Reports, Consumers Union (the policy arm of Consumer Reports) states, “Manufacturers of hip and knee implants should give patients warranties, guaranteeing to replace defective devices at no cost. Nearly 20 percent of the hip replacements done each year and 10 percent of the knee replacements are revisions, often done because the original device was defective. Those follow-up surgeries tend to require longer hospital stays than the initial procedures, pose additional risks, and have a higher price tag, too. Yet their costs are passed onto consumers or their insurance companies, including Medicare.”


The high-speed, highly accurate LVR system inspects small implants, bone screws and other small parts in less than a minute while providing a three-dimensional analysis. The R12 robot arm can segregate defective parts and/or sort, inspect and package the implants. Additionally, the system is not limited to a single part or profile. The LVR system’s robot can change its gripper in a matter of moments in order to switch from one product inspection to another.he unique LVR inspection system, which utilizes a state-of-the-art ST Robotics R12 articulated robot arm, could substantially reduce manufacturers’ exposure by inspecting each and every implant part during the initial manufacturing process. By taking the human factor out of the equation, this 100% automated, reliable and repeatable procedure eliminates human error and decreases costs.

“LVR has been aware of the high defective rate of implants for the past four years, and since that time has come up with an innovative solution for the orthopedic industry,” reports Ernest Ciccone, President of LVR Systems. “LVR and ST Robotics have a combined 50 years of experience in robotics and machine vision, and ours is the world’s most proven technology, providing the manufacturer of an implant with a reliable way to optimize precision and accuracy. This can result in a significant decrease in the percentage of orthopedic revisions and recalls, an obvious money-saving benefit for the industry. The public is just becoming aware of the recall rate, making LVR’s simple, reliable and inexpensive inspection technology a ‘must-have’ solution.”

For a limited time only, LVR is offering manufacturers a free trial inspection for their orthopedic implant parts.


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