Reducing the cost of warranties for implants

Comparison of knee against CAD in false color

Comparison of knee against CAD in false color

A recent article in Consumer Reports advocates warranties for hip and knee implants. If device manufactures were to offer such warranties, they could reduce their exposure by inspecting each and every implant part during the manufacturing process.

“While patients may be told by their surgeon how long a device can be expected to last, they rarely get a guarantee in writing since most hip and knee implants do not come with a warranty,” said Lisa McGiffert, director of Consumers Union’s Safe Patient Project.

The LVR inspection system provides this functionality, inspecting parts like bone screws or other small implants. It’s robot arm can segregate defective parts, with no human intervention. In addition, the LVR system inspects each part through an entire rotation on one axis, providing a three dimensional analysis.

The LVR system’s robot can change its own grippers; the system is not limited to a single part or profile. Once programmed, it can switch from one product inspection to another in a matter of moments.

The cost of the LVR system and its automated, reliable, and repeatable procedures provide manufacturers with the confidence to develop warranties like those suggested by Consumer Reports at a reasonable cost.